The new platform to process industry machine data, create statistical analysis and a full documentation. Automatically.

For the Industry 4.0

Ellie - The platform for the industry 4.0 companies. We're continuously developing new features to deliver innovative solutions to automate and digitalize industry workflows. To create real value and push the limits of efficiency. We have easy integration through customisation in mind, right from the beginning. Start your digital transformation today.

Overpar Solutions
Experts in Applied Innovation

Ellie is developed, distributed and integrated by Overpar Solutions. Founded 2003 in Liechtenstein, Overpar Solutions is an Expert for digital transformation, eLearning, digital identity, intercultural leadership, management and change leadership. These core competences allow us to take care of all the aspects of the transformation of businesses into the industry of the future. Overpar Solutions Website

Ellie: PDF Flyer

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Overpar Solutions: PDF Flyer

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Ellie in One Minute

In this short video we explain what Ellie is and why it can create real value for you and your business.