The easiest way to handle industry machine data.

Ellie processes machine data at lightning speed and creates exactly the documents and analysis you need.

Ellie is Lightning fast

The professional analysis, evaluation and documentation of machine data takes your engineers a lot of time. This time could be spent on other interesting topics and challenges. Ellie extracts and validates industry machine data. It evaluates and analyses the data and created custom tailored results, like reports, production documents, statistics, process capability analysis and more. All that in an instant. That reduces your effort to the minimum, which results in time and money saved, while increasing the overall quality.

Perfect Quality - Long-Term

Ellie is the end of typos, copy-paste mistakes and incomplete documents. What has troubled many production departments is now finally overcome. No more wasting your time and capacities to get all production documents and information where you need it when you need it. It is always there. But Ellie is already making sure of high quality in the stage of process evaluation, before the product hits mass production. Statistical analysis of the process with a projection for long term stability and constant validation of the data leads to high quality processes. For trouble-free production later on. 

Please do not adapt!

Ellie will adapt to perfectly fit into your existing value chain. Machine types, Material databases, directory structure, file names, document formats, ... Everything is customisable and will be as you need it before Ellie is integrated. That way your existing workflow does get easier and more efficient. Thanks to your company-specific version of Ellie.

Enabling Founded Decisions

Process- and documentation-data contain valuable information for well founded decisions. Ellies AI prepares the information you need automatically and presents you a foundation to make the best decisions possible. Key values and summarised reports can be accessed at any time or distributed automatically, when you need them to. Engineers are provided with helpful suggestions.

Paperless & Smart Production

Ellie creates all the documents for your production departments automatically. They are available in any format you need. But digital documents have a lot of advantages over printed ones. Cost of paper and printing? Gone. Further, digital documents are not limited to one version of one paper format. They can display the important information the best possible way. Colorful, images, changeable languages and interactive elements deliver a much richer experience and prevent mistakes pro-actively through better information transparency. Also digital documents are always up to date and perfectly accessible.

Ellie is Always Improving

After the successful integration of Ellie into your value chain, Ellie is always improving. New features are being developed and added to the core of the software. Improvements or additional features for your specific challenges can always be developed and implemented into the running system. Ellie is growing and extending as you grow and extend your reach in the industry of tomorrow.